8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool

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If not, move on with the rest of this article and keep grinding away … but keep an eye on your business as you progress. When you start gaining traction in one specific niche, it may be time to start latching onto that niche and doubling down on your efforts. For every generalists , that are struggling to scrape by, there are a handful of specialists who are dominating their niche. The specialist can serve their niche better than any generalist could ever dream, and they get the best clients. Key Takeaway : Instead of trying to appeal to every single type of client, consider picking one or two genres or services to specialize in.

A lead could be a DM on Instagram, a message on Facebook, a form submission on your website, a text message from someone you know, or just a passing comment from a friend you ran into at a coffee shop. Wherever it comes from, the important thing is that they expressed an interest in working with you. That means every single lead that comes in is organic.

It just happens. Your organic leads are likely few and far between. Simply put, lead generation is the act of putting in time, effort or money in exchange for leads. Some of these methods are more effective than others, and — depending on your location, niche, and skillset — some of these methods may never work for you. A fishing hole is simply a place where you can find and interact with your ideal customer. By answering questions, posting interesting topics of discussion, and showing up consistently over time, you will become a familiar face.

2. What to do when people take you for granted

People hire people that they know, like and trust. One great example is the story of Austin Hull. Just a couple of years ago, he was looking for a facebook community where he could talk about creating pop music. I know that sounds dramatic, but my goal with this section is to convince you that quote-based pricing is the best way to run a studio in and beyond. Hopefully , your website is the first result on Google you do have a website, right?

The musician goes to your website, listens to your portfolio of work, and loves what they hear. In their mind, you could be a great option to produce, mix or master their next album or whatever service you offer. People who just want to get a rate out of curiosity, but have no intention of ever hiring you.

This form asks for a lot of important information, so fewer people are going to take the time to fill this out. The main point of asking for this much information is that the people who do take the time to fill this out are much more serious about working with you. This time they fill out your high-friction form instead of just looking at your publicly published rates.

You know their desired starting date , so you can speed up or slow down the communication process depending on how soon the project needs to start. Most importantly, you have their email address. Now the ball is in your court. Following up consistently and relentlessly is going to be the number one thing you can do if you want to double your income this year.

Read the next section to get the full picture of why following up is so important. You have no idea who they are, when they want to work with you, and what their budget is. The ball is now in your court. Maybe someone filled out the form on your website, sent you a DM on Instagram, or just called you. BTW, if your rates are published publicly online somewhere, stop it!

7 Mental Hacks to Be More Confident in Yourself

Much of that comes from following up five or more times. If I never followed up with these leads, I would have missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in my career. There is no limit here.

8 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Rejecting Love

What I have gotten were thankful replies from bands who were happy to see my email. Why would someone thank me for following up with them 15 times over a period of two years? Think about it … they emailed me because they were working on music that needed my mixing services. Day 1: Send the initial quote to the band.

I use a tool called Better Proposals to make this look as professional as possible. I want to WOW them from day one. Day 3: Follow up 1 — I send an email to make sure they got my proposal and offer to jump on a call to answer any questions. Day Follow up 2 — I follow up to see if there are any updates with the project, and I offer to help out any way I can. The goal here is to keep the door open. One important note here is that I get around 20 quote requests per month.

This would literally be impossible to keep up within my head or with basic iPhone or calendar reminders. The absolute most important tool to help you follow up consistently is with a CRM tool Customer Relationship Management. The one I use is called Pipedrive , but there are hundreds of them in the world.

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Find one that works for you, and move on. One of them is my friend Mark Eckert. The reason Mark is able to be so selective over who he works with is that every client is paying him a flat monthly fee. Every single month, the slate is wiped clean. Every single month, Joe Pleb has to find a new set of clients. This can easily lead to desperation, and desperation will never lead to anything good when it comes to finding more clients.

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Desperation leads to taking on clients you should have never worked with. Clients that lead to frustration, burnout, and can even lead to a tarnished reputation. When you contribute to an open source project, pay attention to the feedback you get from users and from other developers.


What commonalities do you see in their criticism? You might be lucky enough to find a personal mentor whom you can trust to guide you in everything from coding techniques to career decisions. Programming languages, tools, and methodologies come and go. Focus on the programming fundamentals, because the basics never change; pay more attention to architecture than to programming. Dogma can hamper your ability to learn new things, and make you slow to adapt to change. Since , Esther Schindler has made a living by translating from Geek into English.

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8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool
8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool
8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool
8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool
8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool
8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool 8 Ways to Make People Realize Youre Cool

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