At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance

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The Vampire's Wolf

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Hazel Abbot spent her whole life unaware she was a witch. Morgan compels Hazel, Sarah, and Raven to correct the shift in the realms of good and evil by ridding the world of the evil that followed Sarah into modern day. If they fail, the forces of white magic will be extinguished forever. But completing the perilous mission, convincing Sarah to return to Puritan life, and resisting their growing attraction for each other might prove more difficult than Hazel and Raven ever anticipated. By Cass Sellars. Corporate entrepreneur Jess Ivan has everything she should ever want: a successful business, a home in the city, and a gorgeous woman on her arm.

Romance is the last thing Skylar Addison has time for. But not everything is as it seems. When Skylar discovers a well-organized fraud operation, uncovering the truth means working closely with her charming new boss. By Kimberly Cooper Griffin. Izzy Treadway has a reputation as a love guru.

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She knows exactly what ignites the spark for others, but she has no desire to find love herself. While researching and writing the book, Izzy finds herself falling for Jane Mendoza, the new intern at work. What a great concept - all the gods and goddesses throughout the ages are still around, working out of an office building in LA, and dealing with how to remain relevant as humanity moves away from religion and belief towards science and reason. Each of these entities is dependent on belief and some are starting to fade as they fall from memory and worship.

Between the plot and the premise, I found this to be an extremely intriguing book. On top of an fascinating concept, Willows layers on the budding relationship between Alec and Selene and develops both the characters nicely while introducing a pretty large cast of supporting characters loved Alec's sister and Zeus.

At War In The Willows

This is the first in a series, so not everything is settled but the some of the main plot points do wrap up so you won't necessarily be throwing the book across the room in frustration - but you will definitely be on the look out for the next one. Reviewed by Megan Cooper. This is a paranormal read that's not like any other. The premise is unique with some intriguing ideas. The main character is witty, strong and interesting.

The author's background as an editor shows - the book is very well written and the plot well developed. Reviewed by Melina Bickard.

Is it just a massive coincidence that all three books I've read about women and ancient deities ended up on my favorites list, or do I simply have a fondness for such tales. More likely, I got lucky and really good authors wrote them. All three share a similar theme about ancient goddesses and gods facing a common dilemma in this modern age of reason and science--being forgotten by their worshippers, and worse, rejected by modern-day folk as pure mythology.

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Each of the books have their own charm. Ibis had a rich historical and fantastical world, Coils was a rollicking Underworld adventure, and Fury's bridge--it has Selene. She may be an atheist by heart, but she's a firm believer of the live-and-let-live school, allowing people their own beliefs and superstitions.

While accomplished, Selene never felt like she fit in socially anywhere--at home, in school or at work.

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So her universe is suddenly upended when she finds herself pursued by an otherworldly colleague and an atheist Youtube philosopher. Little does she know that she's gonna be caught between the forces of light and darkness--in a tug-of-war for the ages--that will determine the ultimate fate of mankind. So her journey from mild-mannered, somewhat insecure, conformist college professor to whatever she is destined to be The "Afterlife Inc. Debut author Brey Willows has adorned this 'other world' with the trappings of modern society: a corporate setup, gleaming offices, gadgets, email, SUVs, etc.

The ancient deities though, are still who they had always been, with their ancient powers and weapons intact I'd be surprised if they didn't get gadget envy, especially with our gizmos getting more powerful and sexier with every iteration. Thuderbolts and tridents are so I loved that the author did not shy away from the truly sticky questions And the trickiest of them all imho : why do bad things happen to good people? There are also some serious philosophical discussions on the underlying theme of the book--whether religion is good or bad for humans.

Not too much that I'd zone out, but enough to ground the book in reality and give it some gravitas. Overall though, most of the book is about Selene and how she deals with her life-changing situation. And that's why I've put the book on my favorites list, because these also happen to be the best parts of the book. Selene's character is so well-drawn. Her reactions, so spot-on.

Her convictions, so sensible and true. She doesn't just carry the future of godkind and mankind on her shoulders, she carries the book as well. Reviewed by Alison Never. This was the first book I have read from this author. I thought it very creative and fun. There are aspects of love faith myths philosophy. The story is well rounded and super fun to unfold. Reviewed by Paloma Vergara. This was an absolutely incredible first novel from Brey Willows.

Words: 8, Published: October 16, Although written in first person, this fourth volume of Haunted is a recounting of ghostly encounters from several of my friends. Words: 9, Published: August 14, This third installment of true ghost stories recounts not only experiences from Willow Cross, but also stories from close personal friends. Words: 60, Published: May 1, The world didn't descend into darkness when it died. It flooded with red.

Oceans upon oceans of red I am Remy Martin and this is how we tried to save humanity.

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Published: January 13, Could someone experience a haunting and remain completely unaware? In the case of Reginald Bonner, investigator Taija Ford believes she's uncovered evidence revealing just such an event. Ghost Diaries is an episodic series of short stories. In an attempt to find meaning in her deceased father's mysterious pastime, Taija Ford begins an investigation of her own. This is Case 1-Sarah Beth Hawkins. Published: October 1, Haunted II is a collection of four short stories detailing some of the author's paranormal experiences.

Published: August 16, When Druid magic is combined with that of an ancient clan of Witches, the outcome could be more than either faction bargained for. Words: 14, Published: June 5, An impossible choice. Published: April 26, William had big plans. He would become a valiant soldier, fall in love, have a family, and die. In fact, he was certain it would happen in that exact order.

But fate is a fickle taskmaster and things almost never go as planned. And sometimes, just sometimes, your true destiny will greet you in the afterlife. Words: 4, Published: December 10, Short inspirational story about a single mother and one very special Christmas.

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Price: Free! Published: October 24, Although they are not movie worthy, you may find them interesting. Nothing has been added for dramatic effect. Words: 92, Published: September 15, Their only hope is to find remnants of their family, attempt to discover where this curse came from, and how to end it. Words: 96, Published: March 2, Throughout the ages, the druids have passed down a prophecy from one generation to the next.

A young witch will spark a war that divides the vampire nation. This witch will either save humanity from vampire reign or be the end of it.

At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance
At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance At War In The Willows: Shifter Paranormal Romance

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