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Much of the tension in the novel results from Edward's very nature as a predator, a vampire. He's a conflicted character because he sees himself as a monster — he hates that he craves human blood, especially Bella's. He's horrified by his natural instincts. When telling Bella about his past, he admits that he did, at one point in his life, give in and prey on humans. Edward returned to Carlisle and committed to the "vegetarian" diet after he "began to see the monster in [his] eyes" Yet when Edward encountered Bella for the first time in Biology class, he almost lost control for the first time in decades: "To me, it was like you were some kind of demon, summoned straight from my own personal hell to ruin me.

The fragrance coming off your skin…I thought it would make me deranged that first day. In that one hour, I thought of a hundred different ways to lure you from the room, to get you alone. And I fought them each back, thinking of my family, what I could do to them. I had to run out, to get away before I could speak the words that would make you follow…" You don't know how it's tortured me" Though he loves Bella, Edward struggles against his nature, and continues to worry that he won't be able to control himself and will accidentally hurt her.

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All the same, Bella can't resist him. Edward repeatedly tells her that he's dangerous, but Bella insists, "I would rather die than stay away from you" Why is that? In an interview with Newsweek , Stephenie Meyer was asked why she made Edward so "perfect. And that's what Edward is" source. In another interview, Meyer was asked if she'd ever met an Edward, to which she replied, "No, no, I wish" source.

In other words, Meyer is presenting Edward as the masculine ideal. And Meyer is not the only one who finds Edward compelling. Go ahead and Google "Edward Cullen. What is it about Edward that people find so appealing? Again, we Shmoopers turn our attention to the canon of great literature. You've probably seen different versions of a very similar character to Edward. Over the years, this character type continues to draw people in.

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Here are a few examples of characters similar to Edward that you may have encountered before:. Like Bella, Edward's name alone says a lot about him. We think not. Here's what Meyer has to say about the process of naming Edward: I decided to use a name that had once been considered romantic, but had fallen out of popularity for decades.

Charlotte Bronte's Mr. I tried it on for size, and found that it fit well. Source We absolutely agree that the name fits him well. See above to read more on how Edward is particularly like Mr. Edward Rochester.

Darkness Falling Forever Twilight, Book 1

Then there's Edward's last name to consider: Cullen. We looked up "cull" in our handy Merriam-Webster Dictionary , and it's defined as "1.

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This name seems to hint at Edward's major conflict: he both "selects from a group" and chooses Bella as his true love, and on the other hand, he wants to hunt her like he would an animal. Whether it was intentional or not, Meyer picked the perfect word on which to base Edward's last name.

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Now that we know about Edward through his name, let's jump into some specifics about his life. Here's what we know about Edward's past. Carlisle found him in the summer of , almost dead from Spanish influenza Spanish flu , and saved him by turning him into a vampire. Though if they have recently fed the bruises becomes less noticeable, and all but disappear depending on how well-fed they are. The bruises indicate that vampires never sleep.

The bite of a vampire can sever the limbs of their opponents, as vampires are known for having extremely sharp and strong teeth. A vampire's teeth appear no different than regular human teeth. They do not possess fangs. However, a vampire's teeth are flawless, unbreakable, and razor sharp at the edges. They are also incredibly strong, able to bite through almost any solid substance, including vampire skin.

Their teeth are also venomous, affected by the vampire venom that flows in their mouths. According to Alice Cullen , a vampire's greatest weapon is their teeth, though they are more armed than necessary.

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Vampires carry 25 pairs of chromosomes, 2 chromosomes more than humans. While vampires have 25 pairs of chromosomes, the Quileute shape-shifters carry A vampire's physical and mental abilities far exceed those of a human being. These traits vary between different vampires depending on what they were more capable of as humans. Certain vampires also develop one extra supernatural power manifested from their strongest trait as a human. Vampire Victoria running so fast she becomes blurry.

One of the most amazing among their abilities is their speed. They are able to run in excess of a hundred miles per hour, substantially faster than the human eye can see. When vampires run, they become "all but invisible". The Quileute wolves are noted to be one of the few things that can keep up with them. This suggests that vampires are meant to move to a new location every so often.

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We see the speed of all the Cullens again during the baseball game. Emmett is described as "a blur around the bases", and Edward can move so quickly that he is able to intercept a ball that has been hit "like a meteor. They can lay down and sit up within the same fraction of a second, almost without having to even think about going through the motions.

After being turned into a vampire, Bella describes her movements as being instantaneous. Edward exerting his strength to save Bella. Another enhanced trait is their unstoppable physical strength. A vampire is said to be thousands of times stronger than any human, able to lift objects several hundreds of times their own weight. They can crush granite boulders, subdue any prey, throw cars, crush metal, and uproot trees with their bare hands.

Edward feared his strength when first meeting Bella, and explained that there was barely a difference between caressing her head and knocking it off. A good example of their strength is seen when Bella decides to arm wrestle Emmett after becoming a vampire. She describes the power in his one arm to be about the same as a cement truck moving down a sharp decline at over 60 miles per hour. She beats him, however, because she is a newborn at the time. Newborn vampires are always stronger than older ones, since their strength derives from the lingering human blood left in their body from their human life.

A vampire's strength also enables them to leap incredible distances. Edward was able to leap over a 50 yard wide river with ease during Bella's first hunt, while Bella was able to leap over twice his distance, while still only using a small amount of her force. Diet does not have a massive impact on strength, since it always depends on the individual vampire.

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Although, a diet of human blood makes a vampire stronger than animal blood, albeit only fractionally. Vampires who feed on animal blood vegetarian vampires find that "big game"—predators like bears or wildcats - not only smell more appealing to them, but also make them stronger than the "weaker" blood of herd animals such as deer or cattle. Strength, of course, is not always physical. If a vampire possessed great mental strength and willpower as a human, he will find it easier to control his wild, animalistic instincts. Even so, if a vampire has not fed for a long time, he will be less likely to think clearly and more likely to give in to his thirst, attacking the first living thing he detects and draining it of blood within seconds, all without a single thought human or animal.

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A vampire's senses are also greatly enhanced, which enables them to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste things imperceptible to humans. A vampire's vision is incomparable. Everything is much sharper, and more defined as a vampire, and their vision is unhindered by darkness. As a vampire, colors are much more vibrant. Bella described looking back at her human life as like looking through a thick, dark veil because of her new incredible vision. Their sense of sight exceeds by far that of a hawk: They can see objects in microscopic detail, and can see into the invisible spectrum of light.

Vampires also have much better depth perception than humans. Their enhanced vision allows them to see the smallest details, and extends into the ultraviolet region of the light spectrum. Bella describes her sight as being better than an eagle's. Vampires find wearing glasses or contact lenses to be uncomfortable or irritating because they see the smallest imperfections such as very small scratches and optical aberrations imperceptible to humans.

Smell: When a vampire hunts, he uses his sense of smell to find prey and hearing to track its movements. Vampires can smell objects several miles away in a good breeze.

Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)
Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)
Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)
Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)
Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)
Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1) Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight Book 1)

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