Guilt Free Party Recipes

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Though one can make up a ton of excuses to do this, it will more than likely result in a painful, sickly feeling. And one of the best things about hosting an event involving food? You can call the shots when it comes to the menu. For a healthy dip , try a hummus base, then incorporate ripe avocados, fresh herbs, and red pepper flakes.

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  7. 10 Healthy Appetizers for a Guilt-Free Super Bowl - A Love Letter To Food.

The trick to achieving a smooth consistency is adding two tablespoons of ice water when blending. Garnish the hummus with some whole chickpeas, then ask everyone to dig in.

60+ Healthy Appetizers Recipes - Ideas for Healthy Hors D'ouevres

Pita chips and fresh vegetables tend to pair well with this dip. Cut a tube of polenta into thin slices; add some salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese; and then grill them for about five minutes on each side. This healthy holiday appetizer just might become an adult favorite. The brussels sprouts are roasted and then tossed in garlic and any of your favorite herbs. Best yet, this recipe only takes about five minutes to make.

Chop up your veggies and slide them onto a skewer to make salad on a stick. You can even bring in your favorite salad dressing for dipping. This easy option only looks fancy. Arrange them on a plate to make a unique office party snack with a tasty crunch. Sometimes, you have no time to prepare office party snacks.

Even better—a little bit goes a long way. These amazing bars let you eat chocolate chip cookie dough while being kind to your health. Everyone at your office party is going to love these.

Grab a bag of these puffs for a plant-based snack with a delightfully satisfying crunch that might just disrupt a few conversations. No one at your office party will be looking for the cheese puffs. Your office party does not have to be luau themed for these above-average chips to be a hit.

7 Healthy Recipes For Guilt-Free Snacking • Tasty

How many other packaged snacks can promise no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives? You can assemble any of these healthy, crowd-pleasing office party snacks in a flash…so you can get in the kitchen and out again without missing any party time.

1- Spinach Tacos Shell – Keto + Gluten free + Low carb

No, tea sandwiches are not just for old ladies in white gloves. To make them, just put together a few of your favorite healthy sandwiches and cut each one into four adorable pieces. This Vegan 7 Layer Dip from Minimalist Baker includes layers of healthy goodness you can put together fast. Think of trail mix as a nut salad. Whip up this recipe for chickpea salad and smear it on slices of your favorite vegetable to create a pretty finger food that knocks the average cheese cube on its back. Image courtesy of Cookie and Kate. Packed with beans, peppers, and tomatoes, this healthy cowboy caviar recipe makes for one filling office party snack.

Turn your favorite snack into a healthy treat for the office party. Just prepare a few slices of your favorite avocado toast and cut each slice four ways.

Party Healthy and Happy with These Recipes

Think of this snack as a healthier, classier version of a s cracker canape. Opt for fish or lean meat in addition to vegetables to keep this office party snack super healthy. Whole Foods has a great guide for making an unforgettable plate. With just a little roasting , chickpeas crunch up like magic. Go traditional with salt and pepper, sweeten things up with cinnamon, or add some spice with a drizzle of hot sauce. No one will know how easy this elegant office party snack is to make by looking at it.

All you have to do is slice up a baguette, brush it with olive oil, toast it, and then top it with something healthy and delicious, like tapenade or pesto and radish. Made from whole foods, each of these recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Nutrition scientist Walter Willett is challenging dessert lovers everywhere to swap calorie-dense behemoths made of unhealthy fats and sugars for beneficial desserts made of nuts, fruit, and dark chocolate. Search 3ForDessert to get ideas for sweet office party snacks that will impress your coworkers.

This chocolate chia pudding will bring out the kid in any coworker while packing a superfood punch.

10 Healthy Appetizers for a Guilt-Free Super Bowl

How many other desserts give you strength? Yes, you read that correctly. Toss out that tin of peppermint bark riddled with partially-hydrogenated oils. You do not have to compromise on health or slave away in the kitchen for hours to make office party snacks everyone will love. Do you have any favorite healthy party snacks? Share your recipes and ideas below to help keep office parties healthy! I have made roasted buffalo cauliflower and it is great!

But it is not the same as hot wings…. I am doing the cucumber and hummus, fruit basket and my children and their friends have fallen in love with the veggie chips with sea salt, so they will have those as well. Soo many great ideas on here! I will absolutely be making some of these this weekend. I marinate the meat wrapped pepper in the pepperoncini juice for an hour-then throw it on the grill til cooked. The juice from the peppers tenderizes the meat and gives it a wonderful flavor.

SnackNation is a healthy office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome. We provide a monthly, curated selection of healthy snacks from the hottest, most innovative natural food brands in the industry, giving our members a hassle-free experience and delivering joy to their offices.

Brand Builder. Detox Water Bring balance to your celebration with an office party snack that helps your coworkers offset the effects of their heavier indulgences. Photo courtesy of Life Love Liz. Photo courtesy of Nicole Crane. Photo courtesy of Fork and Beans.

Guilt Free Party Recipes Guilt Free Party Recipes
Guilt Free Party Recipes Guilt Free Party Recipes
Guilt Free Party Recipes Guilt Free Party Recipes
Guilt Free Party Recipes Guilt Free Party Recipes
Guilt Free Party Recipes Guilt Free Party Recipes

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