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Ollie boasts that he can do anything, so Annika tells Ollie that Goliath is able to chain himself to post and break free with a single breath. Ollie proceeds to tie himself up and attempts to break free, but he is unable to do it.

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While Ollie is struggling, Annika ties her hair ribbon to a carrot, which she tosses to the side of the pot. It catches, and Annika and Shiver climb the ribbon out of the pot.

Ollie notices their escape, but is unable to do anything except demand that they come back. Annika and Shiver instead run away. Ollie continues to try and break free, but he ends up breaking his house. As the house falls down around him, Ollie bemoans the fact that he "lost lunch. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Ollie is a minor antagonist in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. He is a giant who lives in the Forbidden Forest , and he is voiced by John Desantis. He is shown in the movie to be quite dim, and Annika easily outsmarted him, but in the bloopers, he is much more intellectual.

History Prior to the movie's events, Ollie set a trap that would take anyone who stepped in it straight to his cooking pot. Those retailers want to keep the same items in stock, accepting slimmer margins as a tradeoff for consistency. It is roughly acres, a diminutive place with a disproportionate amount of infamy.

Around 4 a. It also put a chill on real estate projects in the area—bad news for a young Mark Butler, who was a manager at a small chain of lumber stores owned by a local man named Mort Bernstein. The broader U. Around , Bernstein closed the stores. While working for Bernstein, Butler had met Harry Coverman, whose building-supplies company had collapsed, too.

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Maybe the trio could go into business together? Bernstein, a Boston native, knew about a successful closeout retailer in Massachusetts called Building The three figured they could swipe the model—down to the warehouse-style stores—and replicate it in central Pennsylvania. One problem: None of them had any money. Bernstein suggested bringing in Ollie Rosenberg, a local commercial real estate investor. In the end, Rosenberg would contribute several things.

Put frankly, he looked a lot like Albert Einstein, and a caricature of Rosenberg became the company logo.

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A second one followed in October in Harrisburg and a third in York three years later. But Butler wanted to. And he got his opportunity when Bernstein, ill with heart disease and cancer, turned over the CEO role to him in and looked for a way to cash out. Under Bernstein, who died in , the cash was largely taken out of the company as compensation for him and Butler rather than reinvested into the business.

In a little more than ten years, it had risen in value approximately fold.

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He likes to take the Amtrak train from Harrisburg to Philadelphia to Penn Station in Manhattan and from there prefers to ride the subway. Butler enjoys the theater and has invested in Broadway shows, including The Addams Family musica l. Not long ago, he watched and enjoyed King Kong. He golfs to a 16 handicap. He and Ripken are friends. Since , Butler has also been the majority owner of the Double-A Harrisburg Senators baseball team , an affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

The Senators serve a useful dual function.

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