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The key to selling your remnants is to make sure that anyone nearby who needs a remnant can easily find out if you have one available. The cost of transportation can quickly make a remnant purchase not make sense. So you only want to sell to fabricators near by.

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When you search in RemnantSwap, it shows you the matching remnants closest to you. To have the best chance of matching up a remnant with a job, you need to have as many fabricators as possible checking their jobs against your remnants. They just go to the website, type in the color, and it shows them the closest matching remnant. Your email address will not be published. Plot hole count: 0, once more. I'm starting to suspect that the number of plotholes in this series was grossly overestimated by its View 2 comments. Aug 20, Swankivy rated it really liked it.

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It's starting to get really insane. Sep 21, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: rereads , young-adult , applegrant. Although that shot of Edward on the cover is horrible, eurgh. I felt bad reading it in public and subjecting the woman beside me to this creepy child staring at her.

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I'm predictable as all hell, but he's just such an interesting character: a mathematical savant who's obsessed with physical thrills rather than technology, very emotionally cold and prioritising the here-and-now, to the extent of rationalising away the death of his father Brave and stalwart until he suddenly isn't, at which point the foundation seems to tremble underfoot as Jobs realises his best friend isn't as untouchable as he seems.

Their relationship is nice: warm and fond and understanding of each others' strengths and weaknesses. The way Mo calls him 'Duck' is so adorable. Just, I will always love Applegrant's wise-cracking Hispanic men. Now, if only they weren't always the sidekicks? It's pretty patient pacing for this series. Favourite quotes below: view spoiler [Jobs resented it. Beyond being scared, he resented it.

This is what came of superstition , he told himself, knowing he was being unreasonable. Some late-Middle-Ages painter didn't know his painting would become a real-life horror a billion miles away from Earth. Still, Jobs resented it. This is what came of believing nonsense. Ironically, though, I don't like him as much as the others?

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He felt someone holding his head and heard singing. Singing that couldn't begin to drown out the screamd and shrieks and cries of agony from everywhere.

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His mother was holding him, rocking him, but she was crying, too, whimpering like him. Suddenly rough hands shoved Olga away. A startling slap. A sharp pain on his face. Another slap. And then all he saw was Violet Blake's furious face, right in his. It's just a painting. Get up off your knees and deal with it. Violet Blake slapped him again and winced at the pain it caused her. He moved.

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His mind went black. He seemed to be staring through a veil of blood.

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Fear was gone, nothing but rage, screaming fury. He was not sure he was ready to designate a victim to be fed to the baby. He was glad to be out of the tower. But this landscape wasn't exactly inviting. Then his tone shifted. How much worse a mess can Mother come up with? View all 3 comments. Nov 13, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: horror , own , post-apocalyptic , science-fiction.

Ah, a cover that makes complete sense, and is book-accurate! In that regard, we get a couple of name drops: view spoiler [Maker, and Mother hide spoiler ]. Both of whom which? The Remnants are in two different factions, driven apart by events in the last book. However, even within these factions okay, mostly the one , there are rifts forming as certain people try to create a power base for themselves at the expense of others in the group we know who you are. At the same time, we are also starting to get a few more looks at some of the Remnants who had not yet really had a proper introduction in the last book such as T.

The Remnants also run back into the Riders, and much worse.

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They are kept on the run, looking over their shoulders at the same time that they are either trying to support or backstab the group they are in. Major creep factor in this book: view spoiler [I was SO curious what was going on inside of Tamara's head in the last book, seeing how her and the baby were so closely linked psychically so it was hard to tell who was directing whom, and we get a glimpse in this book!

Well, we learn a bit more about this relationship between mother and child, enough to confirm some things, but not everything, so I'm still asking questions. It's even worse when it involves involuntary mutations, so judging by the cover of book 5 and what already seems to be happening to Edward , I am going to be steeling myself for being majorly squicked out in the books to come. The Remnants' environment is taking over the Riders' environment, but the Riders had taken over the environment of the Blue Meanies before them.

Oh, and that glimpse 2Face and Edward got of the giant ship siphoning energy off of a sun was pretty impressive, too. It's good, and it is tantalizing me with promises for more in addition to what it gives me, but it is not quite fulfilling enough in itself. From where I stand, it seems like it is still very much mostly building on what came before, with a few brand-new additions to further set up wherever this series is going.

What rational creature could fail to see the difference between fact and fiction? One we still do not have any good answers for. Obviously it was wrong. Or would be, back in the world, but here she was fighting for her life. One action is not acceptable in the world they came from no matter the reasons, but in the world they are in now, well, the line is not nearly as clearly drawn.

Sometimes [Edward] had dreamed of bogeymen, of all the creatures that populated his Tolkien and Rowling books. Though a 6 year-old being familiar with not only Rowling, but Tolkien too? Jan 07, Kodi Rudman rated it liked it.

49 and Market - Vintage Remnants #3 Laser-Cut Shapes

The genre of the book is science fiction and is one of the best ones i have ever read. I have not been able to get far with it but so far i have been able to find out that the characters have real unusual names like Jobs, Eeyore, Olga, Mo' Steel and a bunch of others. But in the beginning there is a ship like structure in the sky that is broken down.

And it has sent things down that are weird in a way. Like Mo' Steel was cut and someone ran and grabbed a rag off some random person and the person acted like it did not even see him. And the rag grew right back over its head. Mar 26, Caitlin rated it liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series , post-apocalyptic , science-fiction , ya. That said, I ripped through this one: the series is really starting to find its legs as far as the worldbuilding and interpersonal dynamics of the Remnants.

If I had to sum up the tone of 3 in a word, that word would be "intense". The Remnants, now divided into two groups, have to deal with both the murderous alien Riders and the surreal landscape the ship has created for them. The good news is they know now it's a simulation derived from the data aboard the Mayflower; the bad news is that the simulation becomes increasingly weird and dark as the ship switches from Brueghel to a Bosch-inspired vision of hell complete with twisted demons.

I didn't find the demonic hellscape as existentially scary as the more sci-fi horror elements of the last book, but it still made for intense reading as Jobs and the others in one group fight against these monsters intent on killing them in horrific ways, ways that almost succeed. It's a more visceral, slasher-inspired horror that reminded me a lot of the Hel sequence from Everworld 4. Where this book really hooked me, though, was in the power struggles between Yago and 2Face as they deal with the threat of the Riders: KA's analysis of how this external threat pushes the Remnants to their limits and drives them almost to moral breakdown, Lord of the Flies style, is incisive and realistic.

I liked also that Tate remains a voice of morality throughout; the story doesn't simplistically divide the groups into scoundrels on one side and heroes on the other. I hope the later books continue the theme of moral ambiguity and rough decisions, because I will always be here for that. Dec 17, Kristin rated it it was ok. I didn't really know what was going on too much so I was gonna read it for a book report but I couldn't because I couldn't understand it.

Aug 18, Arlenne rated it really liked it. The struggle of power between Yago and 2face is really intriguing. I'm really liking her as character. Jan 09, Thistle rated it really liked it. While they're YA books, they're about half the length of an average YA book, for no reason I can see other than to stretch it out and make more money off the series. That annoys me. Book 2: They land on what they assume is a planet, though one side is a black and white photo by Ansel Adams, and the other side is a painting by some guy whose name I don't recall.

The survivors are rightfully confused by how this is possible.

Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3

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