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Since her move to Moncton in , she has devoted all her time to working in movies - first in assisting capacities. Animastress presents humans who have absorbed the stress forced upon chickens raised for human consumption. Her first documentary, Une sagesse ordinaire , is about midwife Edith Pinet from Paquetville, NB, while Les Femmes aux filets is about women working in fish-processing plants in the Acadian Peninsula.

His first film, Truck , is a satire whose central character explains how Acadian history would have been different if trucks had been invented in Automania is an amusing film about a man's obsession to get to work in his car. Strategically located for commerce, Acadia was long coveted by both France and England. Although its connections with the culture and institutions of New France were distant, it was in Acadia that Marc Lescarbot composed the first literary texts in North America in To these documents may be added those by churchmen, such as Monseigneur de Saint-Vallier, who visited the people and bore witness to their religious and economic circumstances.

Acadia's troubled colonial history - the slow growth of its population, the constant threats to its future, and deportation - explain why the Acadians did not produce texts of the calibre of those written by Jolliett, Morin and Boucher in New France. The reconstruction of an Acadian collectivity was a slow process, with no written literature but a wealth of oral tradition retained in stories, legends and songs.

By the middle of the 19th century a school system for Acadians began to take shape. In the first college was founded reorganized and expanded in , and its graduates soon played active roles in their community. With the assistance of the clergy they began to focus on their own identity and aspirations as francophones in an environment surrounded by English speakers.

That focus was sharpened by a series of national conventions, beginning in For 80 years, the nationalist debate dominated Acadian thought and literature. Seeking to embrace politics, economics and sociographic research, the debate dominated cultural activity, helping to heal the trauma of deportation and redefine the traits of the Acadian collectivity.

The rediscovery of their own history obviously played an important role for Acadians, and this was soon extended to anecdotal history, biographies, geneaologies, monographs devoted to parishes or individual settlements, and linguistic studies, with Pascal Poirier, the first Acadian senator, distinguishing himself in the latter field. Literary genres conformed to the nationalist theme as well, in poetry F. Landry , novels Antoine-J. By the midth century the nationalist debate no longer constituted the centre of Acadian thought, since the legitimacy of the francophone community's existence was no longer in question.

Authors turned to other concerns, notably Antonine Maillet , whose first novel, Pointe-aux-Coques deals with everyday life in a small Acadian village. This literary withdrawal from the nationalist debate took place as a challenge arose from the younger generation. In the Rassemblement des Jeunes questioned the very essence of the debate, its emblems, symbols and historical viewpoints - indeed the traditional portrait of the Acadian. And the times were sympathetic to their approach.

The Liberal government of Louis J. Poetry came first, centred upon Acadia for its themes, characterized by a search for identity, by rebellion against traditional views and, paradoxically, by strong attachment to traditional Acadian values. Other works by these same poets celebrate love and everyday life free from any particular political stance.

Such is the starting point for Guy Arsenault, the studied naivety of whose language appears to treat lightly, and in fact probes deeply into the ways in which Acadia's very being continues to be depreciated. In a more general way, Ulysse Landry denounces the invasion and devaluation of individuals' lives by so many aspects of modern society.

The works of these poets, published between and , manage to combine everyday language with original stylistic exploration. Although some of these topics have retained their importance, poetry has continued to experiment and evolve in format and theme. The Acadian novel is dominated by the works of Antonine Maillet, whose boundless energy combines epic scope with everyday events, calling on all the resources of popular legend and oral storytelling tradition.

France Daigle, in a minimalist, elliptical style, offers a modern, virtually abstract vision of the world coloured with emotion. The literary institution is becoming more vital. Publishing houses are growing in number, anthologies are being produced and the university teaching of Acadian literature is making certain authors better known, is encouraging the recovery of older texts and is obliging authors to produce collected works.

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All genres are being enriched. Established authors are inspiring the next generation of writers. Poetry is in a healthy state, as the increasingly influential work of Serge-Patrice Thibodeau attests. The historical novel is under considerable development, and the essay is gradually winning attention. Plays and writing for children are beginning to take off as important literary forms.

Acadian literature is widely recognized in France, Nova Scotia and Louisiana. Once marginal to French-Canadian letters, Acadian literature is now resident in that institution. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. Remember me.

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Doucette , Marc L. Maillet's novels fuse adventure, desire, frustration, agony and joy to offer a new image of the original Acadia photo by Andrew Danson. Tammy was a fun victim to torture, um I mean interview!

As far as haggis? You know what haggis is, right? No thanks! Fun interview! Love time travel not to mention Star Trek. Tammy, you must be a Dr Who fan, too! Thanks for reading. I sorta' fell out of watching Dr. Who the last two or three years, but I've heard it's still great!

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I almost got to Scotland once but went to Ireland instead. Must try to get there. I'm descended from Robert the Bruce, you see. Isn't everyone My great g'mother was a Bruce, so I must be : You've had some great adventures yourself, Tammy, so you are well equipped to write a travel adventure set in any time zone, I say! Chris, Fried Haggis Slabs? Not really. Who was about time travel until last year. Why didn't anyone tell me?

I watched my very first episode on YouTube about two weeks ago. Wendy, One of my best friends has been to Ireland and I love looking at photos of her vacation. Let's see what she has to say for herself. Hi Tammy! Please tell us about your book. But you have to do it in poem form. Oh jeepers!

Elisabeth finds she can play in the past.

The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret
The Acadian Secret The Acadian Secret

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