The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World

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What to do while working abroad over the summer

To keep you motivated and energized, we have created competitive rewards packages that vary by role, tenure and location. Additional pay elements used in specific situations to supplement direct compensation; these can be either mandatory or discretionary. To those who do, it is better than play. John Henry Patterson Founder, Explore U. Explore Outside U. Working at NCR means you make a difference. You innovate, create, build and grow. Your work is meaningful and contributes to our iNCRedible vision for the future of connected experiences.

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In the tough academic job market, two principles can help you maximize your chances

We provide you with the programs, opportunities and rewards to support and motivate you. What really makes NCR different from other companies? Our shared values. Learn about our values. Employee Programs and Experiences. Award-winning onboarding First Steps is our personalized global onboarding program consisting of a variety of resources and experiences. Performance coaching Our SuccessFinder program enables managers and their employees to connect at regular checkpoints throughout the year.

Pathways for success Our Career Roadmap is a tool for achieving personal development, career growth and leadership goals. Company-wide recognition Recognition4Me recognizes and rewards employees for doing exemplary work and living and demonstrating our shared values. We raise leaders Our next-in-class employee development services and experiences help our iNCRedible team learn, lead, grow and thrive every day. Helping the best find the best Our global employee referral program encourages our team to identify and refer top-notch talent.

The group also raises money to help pay for activities for students. Wauwatosa, WI. Students come from 16 communities and 32 zip codes. In addition to a strong academic curriculum which also includes Spanish, physical education, band, and choir , ORLS offers basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track. After-school programs include chess, art, science, and reading clubs.

On-site child care is provided and parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their children's school. A discount is offered for each additional tuition child attending the school and parents may pay in one payment or choose a monthly payment plan. Highland, UT. Mountain Ridge Junior High serves 7th through 9th graders and has a strong academic program, which includes an Accelerated Learning Lab for math for which students must qualify with written tests.

The program also includes English, French, Spanish, American Sign Language, mythology, history, social studies, clothing and child care, health, science, technology, art and ceramics, keyboarding, and physical education. Students also have performance opportunities through a dance company, dramatic and musical theater companies, a football team, an orchestra, and a choir, among other extracurricular and curricular pursuits.

Aberdeen, SD. With approximately 70 teachers and staff, enrollment has reached For extracurricular activities the school offers athletics, cheerleading, dance team, oral interpretation, production and performance of a one-act play and a spring play, concert band, concert choir, flag corps, marching band, pep band, honor society, student council, dances, and various clubs, including Chess Club.

Glen Allen, VA. The school opened in and operates on a modified block schedule. Students can begin taking courses for high school credit in 7th and 8th grade. Miami, FL. Archimedean Middle Conservatory is a charter school within the Miami-Dade public school system. Established in , the school serves children in grades 6 through 8.

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Students are required to learn Modern Greek, and two classes per day are actually taught in the Greek language. Language arts, science, social studies, philosophy, and mathematics are taught entirely in English. Archimedean middle school students ranked 3rd in the state on the state assessment the FCAT. Seventh and 8th graders ranked first in the district in math and second in reading.

Eighth graders ranked first in the district in writing and second in science. Matairie, LA. Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies HAAS , which serves approximately students in grades 6 through 12, has an impressive history of academic achievement. HAAS offers regular core classes and honors classes. Electives include gardening, theater, playwriting and creative writing, cooking, chess, robotics, and yoga, among others.

Students may compete in baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, track, and volleyball.

Peep and the Big Wide World: The Last Straw

Carmel, IN. Creekside Middle School serves grades 6 through 8 and has a little over students. It is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in journalism and their work is of near-professional quality.

Interpreter or translator

Each grade has its own website. Aside from regular academic classes which offer honors level courses in English and math , all students take world languages, physical fitness, and technology courses. Portland, OR. Raleigh Hills started out as a K through 8 school, but then left that format in ; however, in it returned to being a K school, and has led the way in the state with a strong academic performance that was just shy of perfect. In addition to the core courses, students may take band or choir, physical education, research and technology, and Spanish.

Students are encouraged to participate in a spring musical, which integrates drama, music, and P.

The World's Best Places to Work Abroad in

Also, each year, every grade is given the opportunity for an overnight field trip for team-building exercises. Buffalo Grove, IL. In addition to the regular curriculum, students may participate in track and field, volleyball, wrestling, the Scholastic Bowl, 8th Grade Math Club, 7th Grade Math Club, the fall play, after-school sports every other week, Chess Club, History Fair, the Lego Club, Future Filmmakers, the Science Fair, the Yearbook Club, jewelry making, a spring musical, and the ski club, among others.

Lexington, KY. It is a performing arts school, and although it is a public school, students must have a special talent or interest in the performing arts to be accepted into the school. Students accepted into SCAPA are then given instruction in visual arts, band, strings, voice, piano, ballet, contemporary dance, drama, and creative writing, in addition to the state developed academic curriculum. Students not only score well on state assessment tests, but have been successful in state competitions in speech, band, choir, orchestra, drama, writing, piano, and dance.

Electives are available in art, drama, broadcast media, choir, band, Spanish, physical education, reading, and a special art class called Studio8Art, which provides a more in-depth study of drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture. Brentwood, TN. Brentwood Middle School serves grades 6 through 8 andin addition to the core curriculumth grade students may receive high school credit in Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I, German, Latin, and French.

All 8th grade students have to take basic computer application skills test. Brentwood teachers work in academic teams so that all students on a team have the same academic teachers and those teachers share the same group of students with the colleagues on their team. There are honors classes in both math and English.

Barrington, RI.

The 15 Best Summer Jobs for Anyone Looking to Make Some Extra Cash

Barrington Middle Schools bees up its academic program by providing online resources for home learning during the summer break with an online virtual math summer program and summer reading assignments. The school serves almost students in grades 6 through 8. Barrington students pictured above right also provide community service for the public service organization, Citizens for Conservation. Bloomfield Hills, MI. Birmingham Covington Districtwide School known as BCS is a public magnet school serving more than six hundred students in grades 3 through 8 throughout the Birmingham Public School District.

Space in the school is limited. Those who apply are placed in an enrollment lottery and, once enrolled, students join one of three teams. For those who do not find a place at BCS, there is a waiting list. BCS students benefit from an advanced curriculum that teaches literacy and technology across the curriculum. New York, NY. Although a public school serving almost students in grades 6 through 8, the NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies is a "screened school," meaning that the school may set its own admission requirements.

Admission to NYC Lab Middle School requires a test covering literacy writing and comprehension , math, and a collaborative group exercise. In addition to the test results, the administration considers absences, tardies, and teacher comments.

Siblings are not given special consideration.

The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World
The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World

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