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Side bend e. Neck work f. Lying L-fly rotator cuff Cool down. Stiff-legged deadlift c.

How To Gain Weight The Clean Way: A Hardgainers Guide |

Pulldowns Cool down. Wednesday General warmup a. Calf work b. Crunch situp c. Grip work d.

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Side bends e. Curl f. Neck work g. Friday General warmup a. Bench press b. Overhead press Cool down. Day One General warmup a. Prone rows Cool down.

Extreme Gainer Blend

Day Two General warmup a. Trap Bar deadlift b. Bench press or incline press c. Pullup or chin Cool down Repeat workout one days later. Day One a. Deadlift or Deadlift variant b. Rows d. Gain slabs of muscle real fast with our free exclusive e-book and join the thousands already on our VIP list to get regular updates, training tips and supplement advice, straight to your inbox.

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Last Updated: August 10, Stuart McRobert's Minimalist Hardgainer Routines: The following are templates suggested by McRobert which the individual can use as a base for structuring their training routines. Template 1 - Full-body-routine program General warmup a.

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Template 2 - Twice-a-week divided program Monday General warmup a. Grip work Cool down Thursday General warmup a. Pulldowns Cool down Wednesday General warmup a. Lying L-fly rotator cuff Cool down Friday General warmup a. Prone rows Cool down Day Two General warmup a. If you are looking to add calculated lean mass — the protein to carbohydrate ratio of the Pro Gainer would be better for your goals. Based on having a more compound protein blend , the Pro Gainer only just comes out on top; but, would this be a significant factor to the person who just wants to gain a few pounds fast?

Probably not. Most high-quality mass gainer supplements contain lower amounts of fats than some of the cheaper and less advanced products, that use a lot of fat and sugar to increase the calories per serving. These types of products contain fats for a variety of reasons, such as energy, hormones, mental clarity, fat burning benefits and for better absorption of macronutrients.

Both mass gainers have a low-fat content.

5 TIPS TO GAIN WEIGHT - Hardgainer's Bulking Hacks (Nutrition Edition)

Having said this, the Pro Gainer contains almost double the amount of fat per serve than the Serious Mass. The general rule of thumb is lower carbohydrate, higher fat and higher carbohydrate, lower fat — you get the picture!

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In my opinion, both products contain a suitable amount of fat in relation to their overall ingredient list. Unlike some of the pure whey isolate shakes that exist, mass gainers are known to be one of the best tasting supplements out there, due to their high carbohydrate content. They also tend to be easier to mix in terms of how they blend.

It comes in a range of simple dairy flavors which seem to please. The serving size of g plus the recommended ml water is slightly too much for a ml shaker — this makes it kind of awkward. People love the way this one tastes; with g carbohydrates per serve, this comes as no surprise. It is available in a similar range of flavors to the Pro Gainer. However, the super-duper g serving size, plus the ml water it requires makes it incredibly difficult to mix. Mixability in terms of blending also seems to be foolproof.

The mixability in terms of fitting it into a standard shaker bottle though? If I had to pick one product based solely on taste and mixability which would be a silly thing to do , it would have to be the Pro Gainer, as all you need to do is knock off a bit of the recommended water and it fits in a standard shaker — problem solved! As you can see from the above-detailed comparison, both the Pro Gainer and the Serious Mass tick the major mass gainer boxes, however in different ways. Below you will find the top features of both products.

Firstly, I hope you found this article helpful in detailing the differences between these two mass gainers.

The Hardgainer’s Guide to Faster Muscle Growth

The reality of the situation is that neither one of these products is superior to one another. On the other hand, if you have a sluggish metabolism and want to gain lean muscle mass without gaining excess fat, the Pro Gainer would be a great choice. As you can see, there are two winners in this comparison! Let us know about some of your go-to mass gainers in the comments section below! Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer As most gym goers and body aesthetic enthusiasts would know, not all is fair in the gym world!

No two mass gainers are the same, and product choice would come down to your specific goals. Calories 2. Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio 3.

The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report
The Hard Gainer Report

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